Coming Soon

This Fall!!!

The long-awaited release of Keishana’s first book has supporter’s eager read the first novel of many to be written by this Prophetess of God! Keishana has been teaching the Word of God since 2010, and has been a Christian coach since 2011, supporting families with work/life balance as well as spiritual mentoring. She is a seer and flows in the prophetic as a writer as well. Her first book focuses on the question, what’s your why? It delves into the inner searching of the heart to guide the reader to become purposely divine driven in every aspect of life in order to overcome emotional attacks of worry, fear and doubt which erect walls that delay or abandon our purpose!

Check back soon for release date and pre-order details!

One response to “Coming Soon”

  1. Awesome WOG. Go forth in Power and His Might. The best is yet to come.

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