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“From a small see a mighty trunk may grow.”- Aeschylus

Hosea 10:12 “Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you.”

We often relate the sowing of seeds in finances, but there are different types of seeds referenced in the Word of God.  There are spiritual seeds, emotional seeds, seeds of corruption, and many more.  

Today, the Lord wants us to perform a self-check.  What type of seed are you sowing into yourself?  We sometimes wonder in this walk how we fall off the path God has laid before us.  There are times where we seem to be doing well and then find ourselves off track again.  Often, this is due to the type of seeds we plant within ourselves, or we allow others to plant in us.

Galatians 6:8 tells us, “For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.”

What does this mean by sowing into the flesh?  When we are saved and receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we are to live by the spirit in all things.  When we go back to worldly functions which are against the Word of God we are sowing into our flesh, which as the scripture tells us we then reap corruption. 

Let’s break it down even further because many don’t understand the flesh and spirit thing…our bodies are flesh yes, but we are spiritual beings temporarily housed within this mortal body.  Because of original sin (Adam & Eve), we are now born into this DNA and are of the world until we are saved and receive the Holy Spirit.  

This is the point of rebirth as told in John 3:3-15 “Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus said to him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.  That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’  The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”   Nicodemus said to him, “How can these things be?”  Jesus answered him, “Are you the teacher of Israel and yet you do not understand these things?  Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen, but you do not receive our testimony.  If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?  No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.”

We cannot sow different types of sinful seed and expect to live a fruitful life in obedience to Gods Word.  Leviticus 19:19 tells us, “You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material.”

Now that we have a basic understanding of living a life lead by the Holy Spirit verses a life lead by sin, let’s go back to identifying what type of seeds should be sown into your daily life as a Christian. 

Let’s start with the fruits of the Spirit as told in Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”

Fruits of wisdom as told in James 3:17 “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.”  

How do we sow these seeds?  Speaking them over your lives in confessions, being mindful of your actions, guarding your tongue and thoughts.

Sowing seeds of the Spirit of God all part of the renewing and transforming God does in us. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Leviticus 26:4-5 says, “Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Your threshing shall last to the time of the grape harvest, and the grape harvest shall last to the time for sowing. And you shall eat your bread to the full and dwell in your land securely.”

We must also be watchful of what we allow others to sow into us.  Don’t allow people to speak negativity into your spirit.  Be careful of what you receive into your spirit.  We must learn to bind, rebuke and bring to no effect the things people may speak out of ignorance that is against the will of God for our lives and against Gods Word. 

We must even be mindful of what we speak jokingly.  Our words carry force and lay seed where they fall, you can be surprised if you harvest negativity if all you sow is negativity.  Note these following scriptures on the power of our tongue…..

Proverbs 12:18 “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

1 Peter 3:10 “For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit;”

Proverbs 21:23 “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”

Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

James 3:5 “So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!”

Now these are just a few….the bible has many, many scriptures on the tongue because it is so important that we get understanding of its power so that we effectively utilize it for good and not for evil.

Let us perform an engine check today, evaluate our current situations…how are you living?  What type of spiritual fruit are you producing? Are you producing spiritual fruit at all?  If so, what does your harvest look like?  

Meditation verse – Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”



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